For Immediate Release: December 12th, 2018

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO — Wesley Bell’s Transition Team has been working since August 8th, 2018 to ensure the successful transition of the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Office. Chaired by the Hon. Michael A. Wolff and comprised of experts and leaders from diverse fields, the Transition Team has focused on building partnerships and drafting policy. Extensive research has been undertaken to translate campaign promises into policies that improve the safety of St. Louis County from day one.

Mr. Bell is committed to bringing together stakeholders from across the region who are integral to the success of criminal justice reform. The team has met with law enforcement, health care providers and community groups. He has also met with local officials, clergy and members of the legal community to cement strong working relationships. Mr. Bell has taken the opportunity to meet with District Attorney’s from across the country to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced when taking office.

Mr. Bell gave explicit instructions to ‘think outside the box’ when looking at ways to expand diversion programs for substance abuse and mental health. As a result of this innovative approach is a coalition of healthcare stakeholders that are making strong progress to find the funding necessary to scale up treatment resources for individuals committed to improving their lives.

Mr. Bell and his team have met with law enforcement from a majority of St. Louis County municipalities. Hearing what police officers view as necessary improvements in their daily work with the prosecutor’s office has been informative and will be integral to rebuilding trust in our justice system. The team has identified numerous ways in which procedures can be updated to improve working relationships between police and prosecutors. Equally critical to the success of Mr. Bell’s office is the involvement of community and faith-based stakeholders who have been working tirelessly for criminal justice reform in the St. Louis region. Bringing all stakeholders to the table and ensuring that all voices are heard will remain a priority of Mr. Bell throughout his service as St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney.

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