Under the leadership of Wesley Bell, the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office is being reorganized to better serve victims of homicides, serious crimes and domestic violence.

Homicide Division:

The death of a loved one from violence can be among the most devastating experiences a person can face.  Homicide prosecutors and victim advocates are among the most skilled and experienced members of our staff, and they know how vulnerable a family can be under such difficult circumstances.  They are committed to speaking for the victim and his or her loved ones in a court of law, ensuring that the deceased is not forgotten, and holding the offender accountable. Homicide prosecutors work closely with investigators and detectives from St. Louis County and local police departments to thoroughly investigate every homicide. This team effort helps prosecutors build strong cases that lead to the identification and prosecution of the county’s most dangerous criminals.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Division:

Prioritizing justice in domestic violence cases means using smart prosecution strategies and sufficient resources to ensure victims receive compassion and support at every step. Our office now has an individualized ‘Domestic Violence Unit’ that will provide better support for victims during their critical journey through the prosecution process. The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to furthering the the collective efforts of law enforcement, medical professionals and advocates to protect and uplift victims of domestic violence.

Conviction & Incident Review Unit:

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell, shortly after taking office in 2019, established St. Louis County’s Conviction and Incident Review Unit (CIRU) to further the office’s commitment to justice, professional ethics, integrity, and protection of the innocent. The CIRU:

  • obtains the exoneration of the innocent and ‒ through training, education, and continual improvement of SLCPA office practices and procedures

  • promotes a culture of the highest integrity within the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, and

  • handles all matters relating to police office-involved shootings and any cases where the lawfulness of police conduct is an issue.